We’re A Different Type Of Studio

You have probably recorded at other studios in the past, our studio is much different than what you’ve probably experienced.

  1. Your Own Sound. We work with you to find a sound that is unique and your own. We fill-in the blanks when you don’t know what you want and when you do know what you want we help achieve your vision. Wewrote the definitive guide to how bands develop their sound Processing Creativity: The Tools, Practices And Habits Used To Make Music You’re Happy With and knows how to help you develop a sound that is both yours and feels emotionally powerful when listeners hear it, with countless records we’ve made with bands who have gone on to iconic status to back up that our knowledge with records that people love.
  2. Creative Tools To Make Your Record. With a 750sq. ft live room 25+ drums, 15+ guitars, 25+ amps, 40+ pedals, tons of percussion instruments we have a creative environment where you can choose different tones to make your record sound great and how you want.
  3. Lasting Relationships. We make lasting relationships with musicians, if you look through our discography you see names repeat over and over again as musicians keep coming back over and over again through the years.
  4. Breaking New Bands – Time and time again our studio is where bands make their early records that get them popular. We make records people listen to every day, that are affordable for bands. If you want to try us out for one song we have special rates to see how much better your music could sound.
  5. Help And Support. Jesse knows how to promote your music, as the author of the highest rated music business book on Amazon taught in over a dozen universities, Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The Music Business, he offers help and advice to every band that comes through the studio on how to promote your music.
  6. Experience: Everywhere you go these days another person has put down $3,000 and bought some recording equipment. They tell you that they are going to do a great job on your record but that never seems to happen. When you record with us you are not waiting for us to learn the equipment/software. Broken and miswired equipment is never bogging down your session. You will never have to worry about us not knowing obvious answers to how to fix the million things that can go wrong in a session.
  7. Equipment: Since the beginning, our philosophy has been to only stock our studio with professional quality equipment. When you look through our equipment list you can see we have a wide variety of instruments so any tone you can imagine can be made here. We have never bought into cheesy Guitar Center gimmick equipment and flavor of the month deals. We came up working in the studios that have been making your favorite records for years and learned what they use and how to use it. We have only the best vintage and modern equipment.
  8. Value: We turn out an amazing, high quality song in a timely manner that stays on budget. We try to accommodate any budget. Trust me, you can afford to record here! With many of our pricing plans, your band can be working in 2 studios at once that are stocked with top of the line equipment with experienced producers. Giving your band a chance to get a real sounding record at an insanely low price. By doing this you have the time to get professional production in very little time and or very little money.



We’ve had some great records come out we have done with Romp, Morning Glory, Brock Landers, Feeny, Leftover Crack and many more!


Fall 2014

What an awesome year it’s been! First up, Jesse released the second edition of his book Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business, and it has become the highest rated book on the music business in both the Amazon book store and the Kindle store. It has also become a textbook for music business students at half a dozen schools across the country. He also launched two podcasts one called Off The Record where him and Zack Zarrillo (Property of Zack, Jade Tree & Bad Timing Records) give advice to musicians, discuss music business and tech. The second Jesse Cannon Talks To, interviews some of today’s best minds on their creative process.

The studio has been adding some killer gear including a new Les Paul Studio, a Bogner Ecstasy and 2x 12 cab, DW Titanium snare, some ribbon mics, Earthquaker Devices pedals and a ton more. We have been lucky enough to record some great records with Somos, Knuckle Puck, 9 Lives, The Dictators, Osaka Pop Star, Crown of Thorns,  The FTW,  Syrens, Can You Keep A Secret, and tons, tons more. We also mastered some great records from Kevin Devine, Park, Knuckle Puck, LifeEaters, Mansions, Unifier, Heavyweights and many more.

First up we did two new songs with Somos that we are super proud of.

We did a killer EP of twee, fun punk with a great band called ROMP

We’ve been doing some great new surf-y girl pop songs with Hey Anna, here’s the first of them to be released.

Watch a fun video of us making the new Jukebox Zeroes record!

We’ve made two greap EPs with NJ pop punk act Losing Streak in the past few months

Jesse mixed a cool 90′s influenced rock record from Patterns & Waves

Jesse’s been mixing some great and interesting songs from Kenya

We did a killer EP with Have A Good Season

Save Face put out another great EP of super aggressive punk that we did with them.

Morning Glory released an AMAZING video from their War Psalms record which came out a few months ago on Fat Wreckchords

We mixed another great LP from Late Cambrian, check out the first video!

LoveElectric released a great video from a sick pop rock song we did with them

A cartoon rock band? Yep check out p0ny!

Myself in Mirrors put out a great EP off the EP we did with them.

We’ve been making a new Ep with The Strange Times and they released a killer video from the last EP we did with them

We mixed a killer popy punk record from Latin America’s Aurum

Jesse mixed a killer power pop LP from Days of Light Gravity

Jesse mixed a killer EP of new wave metal prog punk. Sound crazy? Give Americans UK a listen.

Jesse mixed a cool EP of Twinkly emo from Doxa

Ascending From Ashes released a great video from the last EP we did with them.