We’re A Different Type Of Studio

You have probably recorded at other studios in the past, but we are different.

  1. Your Own Sound. We work with you to find a sound that is unique and your own. We fill-in the blanks when you don’t know what you want and when you do know what you want we help achieve your vision.
  2. Creative Tools To Make Your Record. With a 750 sq. ft live room 25+ drums, 15+ guitars, 25+ amps, 40+ pedals, tons of percussion instruments we have a creative environment where you can choose different tons to make your record sound great and how you want.
  3. Lasting Relationships. We make lasting relationships with musicians, if you look through our discography you see names repeat over and over again as musicians keep coming back over and over again through the years.
  4. Help And Support. Jesse knows how to promote your music, as the author of the best-selling music business book, Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The Music Business, he offers help and advice to every band that comes through the studio on how to promote your music.
  5. Experience: Everywhere you go these days another person has put down $3,000 and bought some recording equipment. They tell you that they are going to do a great job on your record but that never seems to happen. When you record with us you are not waiting for us to learn the equipment/software. Broken and miswired equipment is never bogging down your session. You will never have to worry about us not knowing obvious answers to how to fix the million things that can go wrong in a session.
  6. Equipment: Since the beginning our philosophy has been to only stock our studio with professional quality equipment. When you look through our equipment list you can see we have a wide variety of instruments so any tone you can imagine can be made here. We have never bought into cheesy Guitar Center gimmick equipment and flavor of the month deals. We came up working in the studios that have been making your favorite records for years and learned what they use and how to use it. We have only the best vintage and modern equipment.
  7. Value: We turn out an amazing, high quality song in a timely manner that stays on budget. We try to accommodate any budget. Trust me, you can afford to record here! With many of our pricing plans, your band can be working in 2 studios at once that are stocked with top of the line equipment with experienced producers. Giving your band a chance to get a real sounding record at an insanely low price. By doing this you have the time to get professional production in very little time and or very little money.

February 2014

Hey Everyone! Tons of exciting things going on since we last updated you. First off, Jesse has been doing some really exciting stuff with the awesome company CreativeLive. If you are interested in recording check out the classes on The Fundamentals of Mixing Rock & EDM and DIY Mastering. He also did two really cool podcasts where he talked about recording and the music business with AbsolutePunk and Stuff You Will Hate

In addition to that we’ve been doing some really good records. Save Face, Americans UK, Joyride, The Ride Down, Streetz on Fire, Have A Good Season, Kenya and tons more. Mastering records for bands like Sheer Terror, Unifier, She’s Alive, Shoots and Ladders, Valencia, and tons more.

One of the best records we did last year was with a fantastic groups called Somos. Pitchfork is loving their new record and so do we. If you like melodic, proggy punk with a smart lyrical edge you would be a fool to not check out this record.

We got to do a great song with one of our favorite artists Rooky and get to work with the legend DMC of Run DMC.

We did two great songs with the fantastic pop group LovElectric. Check them out below.

We did a great record of 90′s rock influenced jams with Patterns & Waves. I really love this record.

You want to hear a hilarious pop punk song. Great! Nobody Does This has one for you right here -

We did a really poppy punk record with the great NJ dudes The Stolen.

If you love your punk a little weird with politically charged lyrics I cannot recommend this great record enough that we did with The Strange Times.

Check out Strongwater’s fantastic punk EP


Late 2013

Wow! 2013 has been CRAZY. First off Jesse’s book, Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business has been a MASSIVE success and is one of the best selling music business books of 2013. It has received tons of glowing reviews. As you can see in the picture to the left, Jesse was recently featured in Tape Op Magazine, a proud moment in any producer’s career. Additionally, Jesse is teaching a really cool class on DIY mastering for the very cool folks at CreativeLIVE. If you are trying to get better at recording you should definitely check out all of the amazing tutorials they have up.

The real question is, what has been going on at CFS? We have done some really cool records with Crosstown Train, Strange Times, Drunken Pumpkin, Dead Leaf Echo, LovElectric, Garden of Arcadia, Merciless, Benny Mardones, Pony, Darren Smith, Late Cambrian,  Noise Brigade, Ascending From Ashes, Save Face, Somos, The Regressives and a couple of other cool projects that are still under wraps.

Jesse has mastered some great records from Thief Club, Those Modern Cavemen, Stug Fent, Sensual Harassment, Ally Burnett, The Naked Heroes, Figures of Light, On Your Marks,Flaming Nosebleed Streetz On Fire, Unifier, My Brother My Sister and about one hundred more. The coolest thing Jesse got to do in recent times was a vinyl remaster for Acceptance’s classic record, Phantoms. The record has long been one of favorites and getting to be a part of this amazing release was a highlight of our long career.

Mike has been producing records with groups like Joyride, The Ride Down, Fun University and a bunch of other cool acts.

The majority of the past few months was taken up doing the new Morning Glory record. We did 27 tracks with them and it truly exceeded our own high expectations. Brian from Dresden Dolls absolutely killed the drum tracks. If you don’t believe us check out the first Halloween-themed sneak peak.

Can I just tell you how much I love Hey Anna? If you love pop hook over surfy girl pop you will too!

Check out MTV giving big ups to Sensual Harassment’s single “Capri Suntan” that Jesse mixed

Do you miss the days when NOFX, Lagwagon and NUFAN ruled the punk world? Awesome, you’re gonna LOVE Blk Galaga

We got to do an awesome punk rock record with the talented Strongwater, if you like punk with a sense of humor you don’t want to miss their track “Bitten by A Hipster”. No really, you don’t.

Do you wish Dillinger Escape Plan was listening to The National when making Calculating Infinity? Well then let me introduce you to The Color Nothing -

We got to work with a few strapping young lads who go by Myself in Mirrors on they’re cool melodic hardcore EP.

Case Closed released an awesome EP we made with them earlier this year, if you like your rock edgy and moody, you’ll like this