February 2014

Hey Everyone! Tons of exciting things going on since we last updated you. First off, Jesse has been doing some really exciting stuff with the awesome company CreativeLive. If you are interested in recording check out the classes on The Fundamentals of Mixing Rock & EDM and DIY Mastering. He also did two really cool podcasts where he talked about recording and the music business with AbsolutePunk and Stuff You Will Hate

In addition to that we’ve been doing some really good records. Save Face, Americans UK, Joyride, The Ride Down, Streetz on Fire, Have A Good Season, Kenya and tons more. Mastering records for bands like Sheer Terror, Unifier, She’s Alive, Shoots and Ladders, Valencia, and tons more.

One of the best records we did last year was with a fantastic groups called Somos. Pitchfork is loving their new record and so do we. If you like melodic, proggy punk with a smart lyrical edge you would be a fool to not check out this record.

We got to do a great song with one of our favorite artists Rooky and get to work with the legend DMC of Run DMC.

[youtube sLqa_w4h9iU 600 400]
We did two great songs with the fantastic pop group LovElectric. Check them out below.
[youtube 4BhQb6qQ3AU 600 400]

We did a great record of 90’s rock influenced jams with Patterns & Waves. I really love this record.

You want to hear a hilarious pop punk song. Great! Nobody Does This has one for you right here –
[youtube 3QSVp5D_W3Y 600 400]

We did a really poppy punk record with the great NJ dudes The Stolen.
[youtube lM6Wf2KmjoI 600 400]

If you love your punk a little weird with politically charged lyrics I cannot recommend this great record enough that we did with The Strange Times.

Check out Strongwater’s fantastic punk EP

Late 2013

Wow! 2013 has been CRAZY. First off Jesse’s book, Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business has been a MASSIVE success and is one of the best selling music business books of 2013. It has received tons of glowing reviews. As you can see in the picture to the left, Jesse was recently featured in Tape Op Magazine, a proud moment in any producer’s career. Additionally, Jesse is teaching a really cool class on DIY mastering for the very cool folks at CreativeLIVE. If you are trying to get better at recording you should definitely check out all of the amazing tutorials they have up.

The real question is, what has been going on at CFS? We have done some really cool records with Crosstown Train, Strange Times, Drunken Pumpkin, Dead Leaf Echo, LovElectric, Garden of Arcadia, Merciless, Benny Mardones, Pony, Darren Smith, Late Cambrian,  Noise Brigade, Ascending From Ashes, Save Face, Somos, The Regressives and a couple of other cool projects that are still under wraps.

Jesse has mastered some great records from Thief Club, Those Modern Cavemen, Stug Fent, Sensual Harassment, Ally Burnett, The Naked Heroes, Figures of Light, On Your Marks,Flaming Nosebleed Streetz On Fire, Unifier, My Brother My Sister and about one hundred more. The coolest thing Jesse got to do in recent times was a vinyl remaster for Acceptance’s classic record, Phantoms. The record has long been one of favorites and getting to be a part of this amazing release was a highlight of our long career.

Mike has been producing records with groups like Joyride, The Ride Down, Fun University and a bunch of other cool acts.

The majority of the past few months was taken up doing the new Morning Glory record. We did 27 tracks with them and it truly exceeded our own high expectations. Brian from Dresden Dolls absolutely killed the drum tracks. If you don’t believe us check out the first Halloween-themed sneak peak.
[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/117987328″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Can I just tell you how much I love Hey Anna? If you love pop hook over surfy girl pop you will too!
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3119402118 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Check out MTV giving big ups to Sensual Harassment’s single “Capri Suntan” that Jesse mixed

Do you miss the days when NOFX, Lagwagon and NUFAN ruled the punk world? Awesome, you’re gonna LOVE Blk Galaga
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=745871201 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

We got to do an awesome punk rock record with the talented Strongwater, if you like punk with a sense of humor you don’t want to miss their track “Bitten by A Hipster”. No really, you don’t.
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3978948006 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 t=1]

Do you wish Dillinger Escape Plan was listening to The National when making Calculating Infinity? Well then let me introduce you to The Color Nothing –
[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/10865222″ width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

We got to work with a few strapping young lads who go by Myself in Mirrors on they’re cool melodic hardcore EP.
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3789787474 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]

Case Closed released an awesome EP we made with them earlier this year, if you like your rock edgy and moody, you’ll like this
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=4140768293 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]


Long time no speak! We’ve been so busy it’s been hard to even process what has been going on. First off the biggest news is Jesse has released his book Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business. The book extensively explains everything a musician can be doing to promote their music and build a fanbase. It is written from all the knowledge Jesse has learn managing bands like Man Overboard and Transit and his years working in nearly every field of the music business. You can get a copy on your favorite medium by going here.

When it comes to recording a lot has been going on here too. We’ve done amazing stuff with groups like Nobody Does This, Hey Anna, Ascending From Ashes, Chantelle DiBrava, The Regressives, Late Cambrian, Case Closed,  Victoria Watts, Darren Smith and Cyanotic.

Mike Oettinger has been producing some great stuff on his own for acts like Secondhand Smoke, Ross Reed, Chance Black and Crosstown Train. Jesse has mastered so many great records lately, some highlights have included Cold Fur, Thief Club, Oddatee, Yes Virginia and our friend Rob Freeman from Audio Pilot studio‘s fantastic solo record.  Some cool stuff we have done has seen the light of day. First off we mixed and mastered a great record by a band you are sure to hear more from call The Braces. The record is out via Paper + Plastick Records and if you love pop punk you shouldn’t miss it. [youtube qgQZE-cs19c 600 400]


Unifier’s fantastic record Colorado is finally out and is a must hear record for fans of Foo Fighters, JEW with some pop punk leanings. [youtube Zx143rbGTwY 600 400]

Morning Glory made a hilarious video for their awesome song “Born To December” if you were curious how an orchestra sound in a rock song recorded in our studio set to a hilarious music video, you have the answer here:
[youtube f7XdJliuIf8 600 400]

Forever Losing Sleep have been releasing a handful of songs we have been doing together, check out their stuff here

Terra Terra Terra released their record and we couldn't be more proud of this soft alternative rock masterpiece.

Here's a cool track we did with Ryan LaLuna of moody alternative rock pop.

We made a killer record with a young band called Losing Streak. Be on the lookout for what these guys do!

[youtube 1bRJdAFBlaU 600 400]

End Of Summer 2012 Updates

Wow, Crazy summer. We were supper busy as always doing great stuff with Chantele DiBrava, FLS, Colin Schiller and The Reactions, Possum & The Panther, My Life On Film, and Lake Effect. Let’s get to the show and tell…









Sensual Harassment unveiled the first of a dozen songs we mixed for them. Check out this insane video that has been featured on tons of blogs like Vice, Paper, Dazed & Confused etc.
[vimeo 46022709 600 400]

Morning Glory’s record just came out on Fat Wreckchords and every review seems to be saying some amazing record of the year type things. If you haven’t checked it out, watch this video.
[youtube G-eI2ASZAXE 600 400]

We mixed and mastered an awesome track from Streetz On Fire. Gold Medal Trap Beats!
[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/57655878″ iframe=”true” /]

We made a great EP with the group Rockets On Wire and this is the first song they have put up from it.
[bandcamp track=1602994785 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

We tracked drums and mixed Late Cambrian’s EP and they made this killer video for their first single.
[youtube axPOw5X-ixY 600 400]

June 2012 News

As you can see on the left the live room is all done with treatment and looking awesome! As usual we have been nothing but busy. This past month saw us doing tracks with Nightlight, Late Cambrian, Osaka Popstar and FLS. We also turned out a killer EPs with Case Closed and Streetz on Fire. Producer Alap Momin tracked some heavy basic tracks with Clean Teeth, which he finished up back at his own studio. Most of June was spent doing an amazing LP with our friends in Future Ghosts. During that time some songs we did saw the light of day!

Be Easy just posted the first single off their record we did with them and if you love pop punk you gotta check out this record.

[youtube sFOKp6xSUrs 600 400]

Nightlight posted one of the best songs we have done with him, the summer party anthem “Whip It Out”

[youtube dS6709dxq30 600 400]

We have been posting a lot about this Follow Your Hero record we did and we are glad to see people are really liking it. You can stream the whole thing below


Finally! Thank You Scientist posted a video with some behind the scenes shots of the record we did together. The record has been getting nothing but rave reviews so if you are a fan of some prog madness you definitely need to check it out.

[youtube xDk3kU58RH8 600 400]

May 2012 News

Wow, what a crazy two months! We finally finished all of our construction and the studio is looking killer, should have some way cool pics coming this week, till then you can check out these. We also got some cool equipment like a Bogner head and cab, Orange Dual Terror, Vox AC15. Fender Bandmaster with a cab and a unreal sounding Fender Frankenstrat.

While doing all of that, we managed to do a lot of records! Possum & The Panther, Sensual Harassment, Chance Black and Nightlight all have been doing great stuff here. We also mastered tons of killer stuff from Hawthorne Heights, Breathing Blue, Oddatee, Mayve, She Alive and Jason Bauer. Thank You Scientist took up the majority of our May. It was a crazy time of recording Fretless Guitars, Violins, Trumpets, Shamisin and even the awesome Bumblefoot from Guns N Roses stopped by to lend an ear. They already posted the first single from this killer record of prog/metal/latin/jazz/pop/everything you can think of awesomeness. Check it out below!
[youtube PIpn68XKFK0 600 400]
We mastered the new Hawthorne Heights EP which has a full stream on MySpace here.

Right after that we welcomed Georgia’s Be Easy to lay down some kick ass Through Being Cool like pop punk jams. These guys made a killer record and we can’t wait to post a song from it. Below is a video that shows the fun we had making this record! [youtube T_WdsUUHwm8 600 400]

Some other stuff we did a while ago recently popped up-

Osaka Popstar and Juicehead got a download of their cover of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” up on Rolling Stone.com. We did some cool remixing on this song and are really psyched with it. Jesse also just finished up tracking some fun new stuff with Osaka Popstar that will see the light of the day on Misfits Records soon.

The Ten Cent Fuck Flicks record we did on a generator in one weekend with no electricity is now out and I have to say we are pretty psyched on how bad ass this rock came out. Check it below.

Our friends in Follow Your Hero put up a preview of the EP we did with them. We are really looking forward to this EP seeing the light of day since it has some killer tracks. You can see how some of it was made in the video below.
[youtube VFVg2dAs4fA 600 400]

News March 2012

Hey Everyone,

Things are awesome here! The Studio A control room has just gotten a full acoustic treatment and makeover. That coupled with the brand new floor, ceiling and acoustical treatment in our live room, the studio is a whole new animal. Pictures coming soon! We also got some sweet new gear, new Big Speakers for the main control room, some sweet new mics for the drums and a sweet new Bad Cat Amp. Oh yeah, the Lounge got a nice new flat screen and Apple TV!

While we have been fixing the place up, the fun never stops… We are presently finishing up a LP with Sunrise and Ammunition who has been here for 2 weeks from Texas. We have also had in NightLight, I Am Fighting, The Bamboo Kids, The Walk Ons, Follow Your Hero, Sensual Harassment, Franz Nicolay/Major General, Juicehead, Osaka Popstar, Boy Things, Late Cambrian and the awesome Possum & The Panther.

Congrats are in order for our friends in Morning Glory who just signed to Fat Wreckchords who will be releasing the amazing LP we made together.

Cudzoo & The Faggettes record came out, we had a ton of fun engineering/mixing this while Producer Dean Rispler worked his magic on them. If you are into girls with filthy mouths singing 50/60s girl group inspired jams, get on this fast. Below is the first video or you can stream the whole record here.

[youtube ixu8gaFQgQc 600 400]

Our friends in Washington Square Park just announced their breakup, but thankfully they put out the last EP we did with them which is one of our favorite things to come through the studio last year. You can listen to it below:

Follow Your Hero posted the first song from their new EP we did below: Kick ass melodic indie/pop punk stuff, totally awesome guitar interplay with memorable hooks.

[youtube Nuiaifbzpso 600 400]

I Am Fighting made this cool video of their experience recording here. You can see how much they enjoyed Jesse being a hard ass about getting vocals right. We look forward to them releasing the smooth pop songs we did with them.

[youtube A4FuxIGvIlI 600 400]


News January 2012!

Happy New Year! We have been very busy, as always! We just did some awesome acoustic and cosmetic treatment to the studio as well as some great upgrades to our studio equipment! Pictures coming soon!

Recently we have had James Hendrick, 2 Man Advantage (doing a new LP and remastering their classic record Drafted), The Walk Ons, FLS, Darren Smith and The Ride Down, all come through the studio doors and lay down some great stuff.

In very exciting news two records we worked very hard on are done. Below is the first track we finished with NightLight and I can say it is one of the best pop songs we have ever done:

[youtube HE-dIsUKvrU 600 400]

We worked tirelessly for months on the new Morning Glory record and it is one of the most interesting and progressive punk records we have ever heard. If you love punk you should check out this track:

[youtube eFZWyHCDrRk 600 400]

News 10/11

Man Overboard‘s S/T (Rise Records) record which was recorded at CFS and co-Produced/Engineered by Mike and Jesse as well as Juicehead’s How To Sail A Sinking Ship (Misfits Records) (mixed by Jesse) are seeing very impressive reactions on the charts this week.

In other news we just finished an amazing record with Terra Terra Terra.

We have also had One Word Song, Morning Glory, Heap, Streetz on Fire, The Bamboo Kids, Future of the Party (stream their record here) in recently!

Stream some records we did recently:

Mighty Fine – Get Up To Get Down (Mixed)

Man Overboard – S/T (Co-Produced and Engineered)

Transit – Something Left Behind (Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered)

Juicehead – How To Sail A Sinking Ship (Mixed)

Basement – I Wish I Could Stay Here (Mixed)