News April 2012!

April! Already! As we continue to install some cool new stuff into the studio, the great records keep coming. As you can see from the picture on the left the live room is a whole new animal and that is just the beginning of it! We have a bunch of new pictures up here of how things are beginning to look. With some sweet new overhead microphones, guitar pedals and acoustics records are sounding even more awesome. Want proof? check out these awesome things we have been doing:

In March we started recording an amazing new LP with Thank You Scientist, that is sure to be one of the coolest records we have been involved with. Possum & The Panther, Sensual Harassment, Late Cambrian and Terra Terra Terra all passed through the mixing board this month. We also mastered killert stuff from Polar Bear Club, Indians and Sensual Harassment.

Last month we showed you Cudzoo & The Faggettes new video(which has racked up a couple hundred thousand YouTube views and we would like to congratulate them on it. If you haven’t streamed the whole album you really should.

We remastered Two Man Advantage’s Drafted and it can now be heard here.

Sunrise And Ammunition have posted two songs from the LP we just did with them. You can hear them below!


NightLight is releasing some more songs we did this year. This one is another piece of pop perfection:

[youtube g1aPoQh4gWs 600 400]

I Am Fighting posted some of the songs we did with them off their kick ass new EP “Not Afraid”. Below is one of their first singles from this EP and it really rocks.

[youtube RpDm44gg6Q8 600 400]