May 2012 News

Wow, what a crazy two months! We finally finished all of our construction and the studio is looking killer, should have some way cool pics coming this week, till then you can check out these. We also got some cool equipment like a Bogner head and cab, Orange Dual Terror, Vox AC15. Fender Bandmaster with a cab and a unreal sounding Fender Frankenstrat.

While doing all of that, we managed to do a lot of records! Possum & The Panther, Sensual Harassment, Chance Black and Nightlight all have been doing great stuff here. We also mastered tons of killer stuff from Hawthorne Heights, Breathing Blue, Oddatee, Mayve, She Alive and Jason Bauer. Thank You Scientist took up the majority of our May. It was a crazy time of recording Fretless Guitars, Violins, Trumpets, Shamisin and even the awesome Bumblefoot from Guns N Roses stopped by to lend an ear. They already posted the first single from this killer record of prog/metal/latin/jazz/pop/everything you can think of awesomeness. Check it out below!
[youtube PIpn68XKFK0 600 400]
We mastered the new Hawthorne Heights EP which has a full stream on MySpace here.

Right after that we welcomed Georgia’s Be Easy to lay down some kick ass Through Being Cool like pop punk jams. These guys made a killer record and we can’t wait to post a song from it. Below is a video that shows the fun we had making this record! [youtube T_WdsUUHwm8 600 400]

Some other stuff we did a while ago recently popped up-

Osaka Popstar and Juicehead got a download of their cover of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” up on Rolling We did some cool remixing on this song and are really psyched with it. Jesse also just finished up tracking some fun new stuff with Osaka Popstar that will see the light of the day on Misfits Records soon.

The Ten Cent Fuck Flicks record we did on a generator in one weekend with no electricity is now out and I have to say we are pretty psyched on how bad ass this rock came out. Check it below.

Our friends in Follow Your Hero put up a preview of the EP we did with them. We are really looking forward to this EP seeing the light of day since it has some killer tracks. You can see how some of it was made in the video below.
[youtube VFVg2dAs4fA 600 400]