June 2012 News

As you can see on the left the live room is all done with treatment and looking awesome! As usual we have been nothing but busy. This past month saw us doing tracks with Nightlight, Late Cambrian, Osaka Popstar and FLS. We also turned out a killer EPs with Case Closed and Streetz on Fire. Producer Alap Momin tracked some heavy basic tracks with Clean Teeth, which he finished up back at his own studio. Most of June was spent doing an amazing LP with our friends in Future Ghosts. During that time some songs we did saw the light of day!

Be Easy just posted the first single off their record we did with them and if you love pop punk you gotta check out this record.

[youtube sFOKp6xSUrs 600 400]

Nightlight posted one of the best songs we have done with him, the summer party anthem “Whip It Out”

[youtube dS6709dxq30 600 400]

We have been posting a lot about this Follow Your Hero record we did and we are glad to see people are really liking it. You can stream the whole thing below


Finally! Thank You Scientist posted a video with some behind the scenes shots of the record we did together. The record has been getting nothing but rave reviews so if you are a fan of some prog madness you definitely need to check it out.

[youtube xDk3kU58RH8 600 400]