Long time no speak! We’ve been so busy it’s been hard to even process what has been going on. First off the biggest news is Jesse has released his book Get More Fans: The DIY Guide To The New Music Business. The book extensively explains everything a musician can be doing to promote their music and build a fanbase. It is written from all the knowledge Jesse has learn managing bands like Man Overboard and Transit and his years working in nearly every field of the music business. You can get a copy on your favorite medium by going here.

When it comes to recording a lot has been going on here too. We’ve done amazing stuff with groups like Nobody Does This, Hey Anna, Ascending From Ashes, Chantelle DiBrava, The Regressives, Late Cambrian, Case Closed, ¬†Victoria Watts, Darren Smith and Cyanotic.

Mike Oettinger has been producing some great stuff on his own for acts like Secondhand Smoke, Ross Reed, Chance Black and Crosstown Train. Jesse has mastered so many great records lately, some highlights have included Cold Fur, Thief Club, Oddatee, Yes Virginia and our friend Rob Freeman from Audio Pilot studio‘s fantastic solo record.¬† Some cool stuff we have done has seen the light of day. First off we mixed and mastered a great record by a band you are sure to hear more from call The Braces. The record is out via Paper + Plastick Records and if you love pop punk you shouldn’t miss it. [youtube qgQZE-cs19c 600 400]


Unifier’s fantastic record Colorado is finally out and is a must hear record for fans of Foo Fighters, JEW with some pop punk leanings. [youtube Zx143rbGTwY 600 400]

Morning Glory made a hilarious video for their awesome song “Born To December” if you were curious how an orchestra sound in a rock song recorded in our studio set to a hilarious music video, you have the answer here:
[youtube f7XdJliuIf8 600 400]

Forever Losing Sleep have been releasing a handful of songs we have been doing together, check out their stuff here

Terra Terra Terra released their record and we couldn't be more proud of this soft alternative rock masterpiece.

Here's a cool track we did with Ryan LaLuna of moody alternative rock pop.

We made a killer record with a young band called Losing Streak. Be on the lookout for what these guys do!

[youtube 1bRJdAFBlaU 600 400]