February 2014

Hey Everyone! Tons of exciting things going on since we last updated you. First off, Jesse has been doing some really exciting stuff with the awesome company CreativeLive. If you are interested in recording check out the classes on The Fundamentals of Mixing Rock & EDM and DIY Mastering. He also did two really cool podcasts where he talked about recording and the music business with AbsolutePunk and Stuff You Will Hate

In addition to that we’ve been doing some really good records. Save Face, Americans UK, Joyride, The Ride Down, Streetz on Fire, Have A Good Season, Kenya and tons more. Mastering records for bands like Sheer Terror, Unifier, She’s Alive, Shoots and Ladders, Valencia, and tons more.

One of the best records we did last year was with a fantastic groups called Somos. Pitchfork is loving their new record and so do we. If you like melodic, proggy punk with a smart lyrical edge you would be a fool to not check out this record.

We got to do a great song with one of our favorite artists Rooky and get to work with the legend DMC of Run DMC.

[youtube sLqa_w4h9iU 600 400]
We did two great songs with the fantastic pop group LovElectric. Check them out below.
[youtube 4BhQb6qQ3AU 600 400]

We did a great record of 90’s rock influenced jams with Patterns & Waves. I really love this record.

You want to hear a hilarious pop punk song. Great! Nobody Does This has one for you right here –
[youtube 3QSVp5D_W3Y 600 400]

We did a really poppy punk record with the great NJ dudes The Stolen.
[youtube lM6Wf2KmjoI 600 400]

If you love your punk a little weird with politically charged lyrics I cannot recommend this great record enough that we did with The Strange Times.

Check out Strongwater’s fantastic punk EP