We love making records! It is our passion and there’s a reason why we work so much!

It is best to book your dates 60-90 days in advance, even though we often have time available sooner.

We want to do your record so drop us an email @ cannonfoundsoundation@gmail.com.

Be sure to tell us the following things:
How many songs are you looking to record?
What is your budget?
What type of quality are you looking for?

Lodging is available!


Rates differ drastically from style to style of music. Because of this we need to have a conversation to get you the best rate possible.

Drop us an email @ cannonfoundsoundation@gmail.com.


Our mastering service is used by top-tier indie labels like: Rise, Fat Wreckchords, Run For Cover, Equal Vision, Triple Crown, Hopeless, Pure Noise, Procrastinate Music Traitor!, Paper + Plastik, Bad Timing, Misfits Records, Favorite Gentlemen, Red Scare, Tiny Engines, Side One/Dummy, Go Kart, and countless others. We like to think we offer some of the best quality for your dollar in the business, with an unequaled turnaround.

We offer inexpensive rates with 1-2 business day turnaround:

1-3 songs (Up to 14 minutes of music or 3 songs) $50
3-6 songs  (Up to 24 minutes of music or 6 songs) $100
LP up to 32 Minutes $150
LP up to 40 Minutes $200
LP up to 48 Minutes $250
LP up to 56 Minutes $300
LP up to 64 Minutes $350
LP up to 72 minutes $400
LP 72 minutes and above, please email for a quote. cannonfoundsoundation@gmail.com

Rate Applies to Digital Delivery of files and does not apply to multi-artist compilations. Any Discs needed to be created and shipped carry extra charges.

DDP for CD manufacturing = $25

Vinyl or Cassette Split = $25.

This price is for unattended sessions. To attend your session a rate needs to be quoted.

For more info contact cannonfoundsoundation@gmail.com or call (917) 740 2149


To pay your mastering bill or deposit by credit card click the button below.


Mastering Payments
Mastering Payments

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