How Far In Advance Should We Book Time?

While we often have time open sooner 60-90 days to be safe is usually best. We require a deposit to hold any days you may book.

Can We Stay There While We Record?

Yes! We have a few different living options depending on your needs/budget Email @ musformation@gmail.com for details. Bands that stay at the studio are also welcome to hang out in the studio and experiment at night. You can make noise all night and record ideas into Pro Tools if you would like.

How Much Does It Cost To Record/How Long Will It Take Us To Record?

That is way too much to discuss in a FAQ. Email @ musformation@gmail.com

Do You Have Parking/Is My Car Safe?

Our studio is in a very safe neighborhood. We have been here for over a decade and no one has ever had any problems. There is a parking garage across the street from the studio.

How Far Are You From New York City?

You can be in Times Square in 10 minutes flat. We are 5 blocks off the Hudson River. There is transportation that runs often to the NYC 24 hours a day. No need to take the PATH, email us for details. cannonfoundsoundation@gmail.com

What Do We Need To Bring To Record?

Easy answer  – Whatever you think you will need to be creative. If you have a guitar pedal you never use or a weird amp that your father bought on an acid trip in the 70’s, these things could come in handy and really help out while making your record.If you like your tone, you should be bring what you need to make it happen in the studio.

More detailed answer – We have tons of guitars, drums and bass. If you are feeling lazy or aren’t happy with the equipment you own, odds are we have what you need. At the very least we recommend bringing:



Guitar and Bass Strings

Bass Drum Pedal



Every band is different and this is a great conversation for us to have before you come in. Please do not hesitate to email us any questions. cannonfoundsoundation@gmail.com

Do You Mix/Master Records You Didn’t Record?

Yes, all the time, at least one project comes in every week. We are very experienced in making this process run smooth and making sure your record gets a good quality result if you want us to finish it off for you. If interested email cannonfoundsoundation@gmail.com

Can We Play Live All Together In The Room?

Yes! We have 3 fully isolated rooms for amps in the studio. We do this all the time. You can even keep the amps in the live room and play without headphones.

Are You looking For Interns?

Looking? No. But if you are really interested get in touch and we can see if it would work. cannonfoundsoundation@gmail.com

Why Cannon Found Soundation?

I was listening to a lot of Brian Eno when I named it and he called ambient music Found Sounds so I decided to name the studio Cannon Found Soundation instead of Cannon Sound Foundation. I had no idea more than a decade later this was a decision I would still be standing by.

Do You Use Auto-Tune?

When it’s needed. This is a decision we discuss on every project and decide on together. We have done countless records with not one note tuned and just as many using Auto-Tune, Melodyne, Waves Tune or whatever the flavor of the year tuning software is. Simple answer – if you and I decide to use it, then yes, we do. If we decide against it, then it does not get used.

Do You Use Beat Detective?

NO! We edit the drums by hand and using our ears to get a good groove. We find Beat Detective sucks that life out of a track.

Do You Trigger Drums?

See above answer on the use of Auto-Tune. Same Deal.

Do You Work On Spec/Charge By The Song?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. We have been at this for quite a while. The quality of production we get can easily be heard on countless records. Our studio time is very in demand and we make sure we give every band that comes in an amazing value for their dollar. Because of this we can’t bend the price anymore since we already keep it so low.

With that said, we do pricing for a whole project and can work with budgets. Once we get your budget, we decide how many days of recording we can give you for your budget beforehand. This way everyone knows what they are getting into and everyone ends up happy in the end.