Our studio is equipped with top of the line equipment and over a decade of experience to get you the sound you are looking for. Sporting a 750 square foot live room with the best designed acoustic treatment in the area, kick ass mic selection, top of the line outboard and instruments that have an impressive creative palette.


We have been producing records for quite a long time. Our philosophy has always been to fil in the blanks where each project needs them. If you need help with harmonies we can come in and write you some great ones, but if you have that covered we can sit back and focus on other matters. We focus on making your songs as great as they can be and work hard during the pre-production stage to make sure your record goes smooth and you are happy with the end result.


If you choose to record your record at another studio and just need us for the mix end we are experienced in making this turn out great. We are available to take on the project from the beginning and check-in with you as you go and tell you if you are headed in the right direction. If you simply need a good mix we have all the tools to make that happen and have a great system to upload mixes to the net and communicate fast and easy on mixes.


For years we never formally offered mastering services, having our services only spread via word of mouth. That has now changed, now that we master hundreds of records a year. We offer an inexpensive solution for musicians who need mastering and can’t afford more expensive services.

We offer inexpensive rates with 1-2 business day turnaround:
1-3 songs $50
3-6 songs $100
LP up to 45 Minutes $150
LP up to 60 Minutes $200
LP over 60 minutes $250

For more info contact or call (917) 740 2149