If you choose to record your record at another studio and just need us for the mix end we are experienced in making this turn out great. We are available to take on the project from the beginning and check-in with you as you go and tell you if you are headed in the right direction. If you simply need a good mix we have all the tools to make that happen and have a great system to upload mixes to the net and communicate on what you want from a mix.


It is usually $200 but can be as low as $150 a song as long as I don’t have to do any heavy editing, pitch correction or re-amping. If any of those are needed it is $20-$100 a song depending on what is needed to be done. The initial price of $200 also includes up to three rounds of revisions.

What I normally do is have the song sent to me, confirm a quote and then you take care of payment and I get it in the schedule.  If you have any questions reach out below.

For more info contact cannonfoundsoundation@gmail.com or call (917) 740 2149