What Sets Us Apart

There are millions of studios out there trying to get your band to record with them. I have assembled a few things that show we are distinctly different then the majority of studios out there.

1. Our Work Ethic: Many studios today find it acceptable to not adhere to traditional studio standards of work. At CFS you get a sober, attentive engineer for 10 hours a day. You don’t have to worry about us taking long phone calls or running out and taking a jog, running an errand in the middle of your session or leaving you all alone. Hour long dinner breaks are for the bands to take, not us.

2. We Offer Production And Engineering: Everyone who works here is a producer. What we love doing is producing records. We have studied under major names in the production world. Pre-production with bands is one of our most important steps and any band who has ever experienced it with us will testify we have helped them become a much better band, with better songs and make a much better recording. We have the skills to help improve your band when you want it and help you get what you want when you know what it is. We like to fill in the blanks… meaning – when the band needs help, we provide it and when they have a clear vision, we stay out of the way. Every band we work with will tell you we listened to what they wanted and tried to help capture their character. We have the distinct belief that we should guide you to what we think is right for your band, but if you disagree it is not our place to veto you.

3. We Are Experienced In Working With Nearly Every Style Of Music: If you go through our discography there is no stone of musical genre left unturned. We have worked with some of the biggest names in many genres. Check out all the awesome records we have worked on our discography page. We have recorded nearly every instrument in the book and are never thrown for a curve. We all listen to everything under the sun and bands never have to fear us having a narrow scope of musical interest or trying to steer a band in a direction they don’t want to go in.

4. Value: We turn out an amazing, high quality song in a timely manner that stays on budget. We try to accommodate any budget. Trust me, you can afford to record here! With many of our pricing plans, your band can be working in 2 studios at once that are stocked with top of the line equipment with experienced producers. Giving your band a chance to get a real sounding record at an insanely low price. By doing this you have the time to get professional production in very little time and or very little money.

5. Equipment: Since The Beginning Our Philosophy Has Been To Only Stock Our Studio With Professional Quality Equipment. When you look through our equipment list you can see we have a wide variety of instruments so any tone you can imagine can be made here. We have never bought into cheesy Guitar Center gimmick equipment and flavor of the month deals. We came up working in the studios that have been making your favorite records for years and learned what they use and how to use it. We have only the best vintage and modern equipment.

6. We Have The Room: For our price (and A LOT more!!!) we have the biggest, most musical live room in the area. Our 750 sq. ft. live room is as good as it gets. Made from Tile, Brick and Hard Wood – it resonates a huge drum sound and is ideal for recording any style of band. It can go from a robust roomy sound down to a tight dead 70’s room with just a few alterations.

7. We Are In It To Help Bands: We are in a constant pursuit of how we can give a band the best quality record in the fastest time. This is why we have built three rooms. Your band can be working in two rooms at once so that in the shortest amount of time, for the cheapest rate we can give you a record that can compete with the other bands out there. The true testament to our willingness to help anyone and everybody is our contribution to bands getting better at what they do everyday by publishing Musformation.com and giving bands tips every single day on how to promote their music. We also employ a policy of never working on a record unless we really believe we can make a great one with the band. We have plenty of bands looking to work here, so if we don’t think we can make a great record with you, we will save you the time and money and tell you so, it is best for both of us if we only work on records we can do a great job on.

8. Experience: Everywhere you go these days another person has put down $3,000 and bought some recording equipment. They tell you that they are going to do a great job on your record but that never seems to happen. When you record with us you are not waiting for us to learn the equipment/software. Broken and miswired equipment is never bogging down your session or not knowing obvious answers to how to fix the million things that can go wrong in a session.

9. Comfortable: We give you a comfortable environment with a million spare instruments for you to experiment with during downtime. Cable TV, Netflix, Beds/Futons strewn about so you can rest up. No worries of someone’s mom yelling at you for making too much noise or having fun. An added bonus is we have plenty of great places to order food and grocery shop nearby including the best pizza and sushi you have ever had just blocks away.

10. Relationships: If you look through our discography, you see that most bands come back to us time and time again. Many bands, labels and producers have been working with us for over a decade. We value building relationships with bands and developing with them to always make them happier with each release. This is why bands keep coming back to us over and over.

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