Try Out Working With Found Soundation’s Producers

While we work with many bigger, established bands, we really enjoy helping a young band to come into their own and find their sound. It can be hard to know how much better your band can sound recording with professional producers, as compared to a friend or the local guy with some equipment. We offer a discounted rate for bands looking to try out recording a single with us and see whether they would like to work with us. We offer this discounted rate as an all in per song rate since we know the bands come back over and over again. We have made records that have launched countless bands tohuge followings and signing to the biggest labels in the business like:

The Menzingers, Man Overboard, Basement, Transit,  Romp, Thank You, Scientist, Somos, Save Face, Handguns, Northstar, Houston Calls, Madison and countless others.

If you would like to try out working with us we offer the following discounted rates as a trial to complete one song and see how you like the process.

1 song recorded with Jesse Cannon & Brian DiMeglio producing, engineering, mixing and mastering = $600

1 song recorded with Brian DiMeglio producing, engineering, mixing and mastering = $300