News January 2012!

Happy New Year! We have been very busy, as always! We just did some awesome acoustic and cosmetic treatment to the studio as well as some great upgrades to our studio equipment! Pictures coming soon!

Recently we have had James Hendrick, 2 Man Advantage (doing a new LP and remastering their classic record Drafted), The Walk Ons, FLS, Darren Smith and The Ride Down, all come through the studio doors and lay down some great stuff.

In very exciting news two records we worked very hard on are done. Below is the first track we finished with NightLight and I can say it is one of the best pop songs we have ever done:

[youtube HE-dIsUKvrU 600 400]

We worked tirelessly for months on the new Morning Glory record and it is one of the most interesting and progressive punk records we have ever heard. If you love punk you should check out this track:

[youtube eFZWyHCDrRk 600 400]

News 10/11

Man Overboard‘s S/T (Rise Records) record which was recorded at CFS and co-Produced/Engineered by Mike and Jesse as well as Juicehead’s How To Sail A Sinking Ship (Misfits Records) (mixed by Jesse) are seeing very impressive reactions on the charts this week.

In other news we just finished an amazing record with Terra Terra Terra.

We have also had One Word Song, Morning Glory, Heap, Streetz on Fire, The Bamboo Kids, Future of the Party (stream their record here) in recently!

Stream some records we did recently:

Mighty Fine – Get Up To Get Down (Mixed)

Man Overboard – S/T (Co-Produced and Engineered)

Transit – Something Left Behind (Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered)

Juicehead – How To Sail A Sinking Ship (Mixed)

Basement – I Wish I Could Stay Here (Mixed)