We love making records! It is our passion and there’s a reason why we work so much!

It is best to book your dates 60-90 days in advance, even though we often have time available on a few days notice.

All sessions require a deposit in advance to hold time.

We want to do your record so drop us an email at @ musformationoffice@gmail.com.

Be sure to tell us the following things:

  • How many songs are you looking to record?
  • What is your budget?
  • What type of quality are you looking for?

It is usually $200 but can be as low as $150 a song as long as I don’t have to do any heavy editing, pitch correction or re-amping. If any of those are needed it is $20-$100 a song depending on what is needed to be done. The initial price of $200 also includes up to three rounds of revisions

What I normally do is have the song sent to me, confirm a quote and then you take care of payment and I get it in the schedule. Lemme know if you have any questions.

Our mastering service is used by top-tier indie labels like: Atlantic Records, Sony Entertainment, Island/Def Jam, Rise, Fat Wreckchords, Run For Cover, Equal Vision, Triple Crown, Hopeless, Pure Noise, Wax Bodega, Tiny Engines, Procrastinate Music Traitor!, Paper + Plastik, Bad Timing, Misfits Records, Favorite Gentlemen, Red Scare,  Side One/Dummy, Go Kart, and countless others. We like to think we offer some of the best quality for your dollar in the business, with an unequaled turnaround.

We offer inexpensive rates with 1-2 business day turnaround:

  • 1-2 songs (Up to 12 minutes of music or 2 songs) $50
  • 2-5 songs (Up to 20 minutes of music or 5 songs) $100
  • LP up to 30 Minutes $150
  • LP up to 38 Minutes $200
  • LP up to 46 Minutes $250
  • LP up to 53 Minutes $300
  • LP up to 60 Minutes $350
  • LP up to 68 minutes $400
  • LP 68 minutes and above, please email for a quote.

Rate Applies to Digital Delivery of files and does not apply to multi-artist compilations. Any Discs needed to be created and shipped carry extra charges.

  • DDP for CD manufacturing = $25
  • Vinyl or Cassette Split = $25

These prices are for unattended sessions, to attend your session a rate needs to be quoted.

Email musformationoffice@gmail.com for more information